Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hedges, temples and azaleas: A Sunday walk in Chiswick park

Being not a fan of lonely boring sundays, I set out once again to get to know my new home a bit better yesterday. My target this time was Chiswick in the west of London, which has been described to me as a quite nice area with one of the rare parks which are more than a bit of green with a pair of trees. And as the weather was nice, the area seemed perfect to be around.

My Sunday park addiction should not be disappointed. The heart of the park, the renaissance Chiswick House, is surrounded by a huge English garden which features pittoresque bridges, monuments and statues. Also there is a big greenhouse with a hugely advertised flower exhibition and of course the manor itself, which you could explore from within. However, I saved the money, enjoyed the sunshine and took pleasure in the many things to see while strolling around on the paths.

When the sun slowly began to set, I made my way home, for which, thanks to a healthy combination of TFL / own stupidness I needed 2 hours for (only one train per hour / missed my stop listening to music). But after another nice tour through a London suburb, nothing could make that day bad!

Official Chiswick House and gardens web site
Chiswick House (Wiki article)

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