Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eagerness (A mostly fictional story)

Monday, 21.02.2011, on the way to the cinema
Went to the cinema today to get tickets for that fancy new action movie. Superguy is hunted by supervillans. Some people might say it's nothing special. Screw them! I waited long enough for this and now I just want to be entertained! *lol* Normally I couldn't afford it so late in the month, as I'm near my overdraft. But no problem! My mobile network provider has this special, so I can get two tickets for the price of one (I love my provider so much)! I'm not so sure how much I got left on my account but have the feeling it's enough. Just can'r resist buying tickets as soon as possible. Always makes me take the rest of the time with a smile.

Monday, 21.02.2011, cinema
No big deal, the vending machine seemed to be on strike, as after keying in our PIN the machine declined printing our tickets. After trying twice each (we got time after work anyway), we went up to the cashier. Very nice guy there. We first thought the machine was broken but then the friendly guy told us that for the special to use, we'd have to get the tickets on Wednesday. He was so friendly. How dumb of us to want to book the tickets in advance, haha. John mentioned that hopefully we won't be charged for the tickets. I think he's a little paranoid ;)

Tuesday, 22.02.2011, cinema
Already forgot about that little incident yesterday. I'm so looking forward to that movie. Did I take my pills?

Wednesday, 23.02.2011, morning, home
The new day is finally there. Almost couldn't sleep. Only got worried when I checked my account balance this morning. I'm in overdraft now, and I really wonder why.

Wednesday, 23.02.2011, morning, work
Arrived half an hour too late at work after waiting some time at the bank. Got told off by my boss. Doesn't matter, he doesn't like me anyway. At least I found out that the cinema charged me twice for two tickets I haven't received. There must be a mistake. Quickly thought about the fees for the unplanned overdraft. But got confidence in the people at the cinema, they will help me when I explain. I never know what to do in my lunchbreak anyway, will go there later and ask. I'm sure it won't be a problem to correct the mistake. And I'm going to watch the movie at last!!! Yey!

Wednesday, 23.02.2011, lunchbreak
Went to the cinema. spend half of my lunchbreak waiting in the children's cue for the new Justin Bieber movie. Have to admit that it really got me a bit angry. Waited another quarter hour for the manager to come. Must be very busy job, being a manager at the cinema. Bet, she has a lot more to do than me, otherwise I wouldn't be the one waiting. *g* And she was so kind! I regret having started to be angry now. She told me that it might only be temporary and that my bank should be able to confirm that. Unfortunately, I could not eat anymore. It's bad because I always feel a bit charged. Anyway, I'm sincere that after my visit to the bank later, I'll be better.

Wednesday, 23.02.2011, after work
Went early to avoid cues at the bank. Boss told me off again. Think I can screw that position I was after. Cheeky bastard, he hates me anyway! Fuck my job, it sucks anyway. I have to prioritize the important stuff now! Bank closes in half an hour, so first there, then to the cinema! Hear my own blood pulsing in my ears.

Wednesday, 23.02.2011, Bank
employee at the bank told me that the money actually really was deducted from my account, so I'm in overdraft now, and have to pay 25 GBP as fee per week, starting for today. To avoid that, the bank people proposed me to take up a credit of 1000 GBP at a much higher interest rate. How stupid do they think I am?
But I'm more angry at those idiots at the cinema. What are they thinking with their stupid machines!? So tried to get my money back, the bank can at least help me with that, given that I pay them for my account.

Wednesday, 23.02.2011, on the way to the cinema
Got kicked out of the bank after having waited half an hour for a customer consultant. I don't care how friendly they are, even when I started shouting. Fortunately for them, they had cameras everywhere. Could have killed those assholes!

Thursday, 23.02.2011, in the back of a car
I must have blacked out somehow. Guess the combination of the Manager asking me for a bank statement to get my money back after in one week's time the earliest started it. Bitch wouldn't want to offer me anything for my wasted time and money. Almost slapped her. Only could hold back by running down to the Ticket machine, cause I knew that the movie was my only hope against the voices in my head, telling me to burn everything to the ground.

Only two vague impressions I remember after that: the ticket machine, displaying the "voucher has already been redeemed"-message, and the feeling of the ground of of the gas station near the cinema against my face, where I must have been trying to steal a container of fuel, a window cloth and matches. Must have told the policeman too much about my plans. I talk too much sometimes.

Monday, 28.02.2011, prison
I lost my job and my flat. And my overdraft will go to the thousands before my trial begins. John seemed to be unsure if he can make a quick visit next week. There's not even a TV in my cell. But at least they said, that they show movies usually five years after they're released. Just have to be patient.


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